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Backdrop of a Minnesota shoreline with a green and white version of the new Minnesota State Logo

Minnesota has a New Look!

Have you seen? The State of Minnesota has a new look. This site is your number one resource for learning all about the new state brand. Until now, every agency, board, and commission in state government had their own logo (or no logo). The lack of a cohesive brand can be confusing. We want our customers to know when they are interacting with state government. State agencies work together to make life better for all Minnesotans, and a unified brand helps covey that message. We also want job seekers to know that we are one employer and that the state is a great place to start and grow your career. Having one clear and consistent brand supports our work to recruit and retain the best talent.  Together, the new brand helps shape the story of what makes Minnesota the best state to do business, visit and live.

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